Safety regulation


Terra Mitica offers the best fun with its dizzying attractions and magical shows. Likewise, the park has a series of rules which have been conceived to guarantee the enjoyment of the theme park.

We thank you for your cooperation in complying with them, since, in this way, the experience at Terra Mitica will be complete and perfect.


TERRA MÍTICA has parking available for its visitors, the rates are indicated at the entrance. With the parking ticket you can only park you vehicle during the day of your visit.

Vehicles are entitled to remain parked at our installations while the Park si open and must therefore leave when it closes.

Those vehicles remaining inside the parking once the Park has closed will be transported out of TERRA MÍTICA's grounds when the owners cannot be located.


Admission tickets have to be purchased only at authorized outlets.

TERRA MÍTICA has reserved admission rights.

Admission charge will not be refunded once the guest has gone through the turnstile.

Check in advance Park's opening hours. This and other information about shows, installations, restrictions, recommendations, etc. are available at the Guest Relations' Office located in the Park's entrance.

TERRA MÍTICA has the right to alter timetables, programs, as well as suspend the operation of rides, shows, etc. if weather, technical or operating conditions require it.

TERRA MÍTICA is a private property and may therefore establish and limit the operation of those activities that are not its main responsibility whenever it may consider it necessary.

You are requested to keep your admission ticket or pass while in the Park as our staff may require it at any time.

Whoever is not in possession of an admission ticket may be banned from the Park.

TERRA MÍTICA is entitled to expel visitors that do not respect the Park's regulations, disrupt its operation, and/or annoy other visitors. Whatever the above reasons, the Park will riot refund any ticket or season pass.

Remember that passes or tickets with duration of more than one day are personal and cannot be transferred, resold, or reimbursed.

Request a member of our staff to stamp your hand when leaving the Park in order to return later the same day.

Children under 1 years of age must be accompanied by an adult ni order to access the Park.

Pets are not allowed in the Park.

For safety and security reasons, TERRA MÍTICA has the right to use metal detectors and to examine handbags, suitcases, briefcases, etc. Visitors may use the lockers located at the front gate to keep these items.

It is forbidden to enter food and beverage in the Park.

The park offers a rental locker service, located at the front gate, where you can store your personal items.

TERRA MÍTICA may interrupt the sale of admission tickets if attendance levels restrict the Park's operation and visitors' enjoyment at its installations.


Minors are not allowed to purchase or drink spirits in the Park. Drugs cannot be consumed either. Whoever breaks this rule will be expelled from the Park.

Bathing is not allowed at any of the water areas ni the Park.

Visitors must walk only in the areas designated for this purpose. Entrance to restricted areas is not permitted. For your own safety, it is forbidden to climb up objects, statues, bridges, trees, etc.

The Park's Public Address System may not be used for personal reasons. For Lost and Found inquiries go to the Guest Relations Office.

Si necesita primeros auxilios sepa que TERRA MÍTICA dispone de un servicio médico, sito en el área de Iberia.

If you do not desire to appear in promotional footage, avoid areas where this is taking place.

Present the ticket of your purchase when returning merchandise bought at any of our stores. Exchanges will not be accepted 30 days after the purchase.

TERRA MÍTICA provides a wheel chair, stroller, and scooter rental service.

Our staff is always at your disposal to help you and to provide further information you may request.

Some Park units may open progressively following operating requirements.

Smoking, eating and drinking is not permitted inside the Park's stores.

In accordance with La Ley 28/2005, de 26 de diciembre, prohibiting tobacco use in enclosed public facilities, we remind you that TERRA MÍTICA is a leisure centre. It is completely forbidden to smoke in our facilities, except in the open areas.


A shirt is required to enjoy our rides and attractions

Respect other guests in the queue lines, and wait for your turn.

Follow the personnel instructions at the attractions. Some may have restricted use in certain cases. Check the signs located at their entrances for indicated restrictions.

Guests with disabilities and their minders have special access.

If you want to enjoy the ride once more after it has finished, you will have to join the queue again.

Access to shows is prohibited once they have started.

Folow the signs that restrict certain activities: smoking at specific areas, use of mobile phones, etc.

Terra Mítica is not responsible for the items left on the rides. We remind you that we offer a rental locker service, at the entrance of the Park, where you can deposit your personal items.

TERRA MÍTICA is not responsible for any harm, damage, etc. to guests and their belongings produced by the non-compliance of the Park's Regulations hereof.

The compliance of these recommendations will make your stay and other guests' stay more enjoyable.