Holidays in Benidorm


Are you thinking of taking a trip this year during your holidays but you don't know where to go? Discover everything that you can see and do in Benidorm. The city has a variety of activities for everyone: whether you are visiting alone, with a partner, with friends, or with children... this is your place!

What's more, in Benidorm you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine of the Spanish Levante region that everyone talks about. Do you want to find out more? Well, keep reading!

First of all: How do you get to Benidorm?

Benidorm (known as the Spanish Manhattan) is located 106 km from Valencia and 38 km from Alicante. Getting to this magnificent city is very easy: just prepare your luggage, grab your car, and travel over the AP-7 toll motorway or the N-322 national highway to arrive. But… can the city only be accessed by car? Of course not, there are also buses that cover this stretch until the Benidorm station, and if you are arriving by air you will find the Alicante–Elche Airport just 60 km from the city – with buses available to get you to your destination. In addition, there are intercity trains and trams available to you to simplify your journey to Benidorm. You can also arrive by sea and dock at the port. Once docked, you'll just need to get off the boat and discover Benidorm.

It's up to you to choose the best combination to start your trip to this beautiful Mediterranean city!

Sightseeing around the city: Things to see and do in Benidorm

For your holidays in Benidorm, the city offers a wide variety of places for you to see and for you to be able to do different recreational activities. Choose whatever you want – or whatever you dare.

Immerse yourself in culture with the city's many theaters, concert halls, museums, etc... don't miss the chance to see a good show and increase your knowledge about our city, which is full of history.

If you prefer to do sports, Benidorm also has a wide variety of sport options – whether in the sea, on the land, or in the air. Below, we’ll list just a few of them.

You can do scuba diving and snorkeling, which will allow you to discover the wonderful seabed and take the best water photos ever; you can do trekking through the different paths which are intertwined amongst the sea and mountains; you can ride a Jeep and four wheeler to be able to enjoy great views of both the sea and the mountains – in addition to this being one of the most amusing activities for those who like to take risks; you can go sailing and boating to enjoy peaceful voyages over the Mediterranean; there are cycling routes for you to discover the different landscapes and villages that surround the city; and there is even paragliding, which is only suitable for the bravest souls who want to have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular aerial views Benidorm, as well as of the mountains and everything else surrounding them... and there are many other options!

As for places of interest to visit in Benidorm we highlight the old town, the viewpoint, the port, the Levante Beach and the Poniente Beach. Discover them for yourself by strolling through the streets of this city, and don't forget your towel and swimsuit! The beach is always a great option to relax a while sunbathing and take a dip in the good weather in Alicante, and don't forget to visit unique places like the Cross of Benidorm, where you will enjoy the best views of the city, where there is a wide variety of emblematic places where you can take your best pictures and where you will be surprised by the views, architecture, access to places as peculiar as interesting. In addition, if you like the night, you will love this city for its different pubs and entertainment venues for all nationalities, whose fame is already known internationally. Translated with (free version)

Are you traveling to Benidorm with children? Here are some of the places you must visit!

If you're traveling with your family, our city makes available to you a wide range of activities to do – activities in which the kids will be the main players. Fun is guaranteed both for children and for the rest of the family… because the most important thing is everyone being able to have fun together and to experience incredible things. And here are some places for you to discover in order to do just that...

Visit the different beaches and coves where you can have a nice bath and enjoy the water and the quality of these areas. Your children will have great fun playing in the sand and splashing about while you relax, sunbathe, and forget all your problems. Additionally, Benidorm has a number of theme parks that are must-see sites for those visiting us with children. Among them you will find Mundomar, where you will get up close to different animal species; Aqualandia, ideal for a swim in the pools with slides; and –of course– our park, Terra Mítica. The kids will have a great time and we're sure that our older visitors will too. Are you ready for the adventure? Plan your holidays in Benidorm!

Perfect temperatures
all year round!

All of these places and activities are always accompanied by pleasant and stable temperatures throughout the year. Even in the winter! In fact, you'll be able to enjoy the warm Mediterranean sun shining in the sky above you most of the year.

That means that you'll be able to enjoy the city both in the winter and in the summer – to be able to have fun, relax, see, and do everything that you have planned without having to worry about weather constraints. Also, you'll be able to meet people of a variety of nationalities from both Europe and more far-off places.

Benidorm is the preferred skyscraper city of Spain by international tourists. This is because of the activities it has to offer, its views, and its festive atmosphere and good climate.

Plan your holidays in Benidorm!

And what about eating?
Where should I eat in Benidorm?

When eating in Benidorm, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the most healthy and vibrant Mediterranean delicacies of the Spanish Levante. Our city offers a great variety of restaurants of all kinds so that you can eat what you like most: rice dishes (rice in broth, rice in fish stock, etc.), fish, meats, stews, even desserts such as the "Bollo de San Blas" (a traditional cake-like bun) or the Pastel de Boniato (a traditional cake made with sweet potato), among many others.

Let yourself be taken in by the cuisine that this city of the Spanish Levante has to offer and discover authentic Mediterranean food while strolling through the city streets.

Don't think twice, come to our city and be amazed!